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Hi, I'm Eliza! 

I am tall and have a gold freckle in my right eye. I live with my husband, three year old son, and a rabbit named Maple, in a little old house in West Asheville. I talk to my neighbors and give lots of hugs.

       I wear my late grandmother’s mother of pearl button around my neck. It is a daily reminder of life’s fragility & persistence. It is a small piece from a great big past. Simple & beautiful, a keepsake, a reminder. This is what I strive to do with photographs, to leave something worthwhile for our grandchildren to uncover.

I value images that make us pause, reflect, and feel connected.        

I value honest heartfelt communication.

I celebrate gay marriage and lovers of all genders.

If you. . .

~ take comfort in handmade mugs & firelight

~ are sometimes moved to tears by music

~ enjoy photos of yourself for real laughing, although we all look a little crazy when we do

~ believe rollerskating & tree climbing aren’t just for kids

~ notice the details

~ feel that weddings are a space to celebrate your own gorgeously unique relationship, in whatever way brings you, and your love, joy . . .

. . . then quite possibly, we were meant for each other!

                                           To my fellow Ashevillans,

I have lived & photographed in these stunning mountains for 15 years, and am dedicated to this extraordinary community of makers, growers, musicians, healers, & helpers. 

Y’all have my heart!


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