What’s it like to work with you?    

I’ll offer you direction, but I won’t pose you stiffly. Honestly, some of the best shots are the in-between moments.  It is my job to make you comfortable, and in order to achieve this, I put a lot of thought and heart into each client experience. I am quick to laugh and not afraid to look silly, especially if it puts your children, or you at ease.

How long have you been a photographer?

A long time. I got my first manual camera in college, quickly switched my major and away I went. Almost immediately, I photographed my sister’s wedding, barefoot (both her and myself) on a beach. That was 18 years ago, and this work of visual storytelling still feels engaging and inspiring to me.

What’s your approach to weddings?

I am there to capture the event as it unfolds. I am interested in real connections, and honest beauty.

I hustle and am constantly moving, because subtle changes in perspective are paramount. I try to stay out of the way, observe, and document exquisite moments

And yes, I am available to step in and direct when group family portraits are requested.  We’ll do them quickly and efficiently.

But otherwise, I am there to artfully document. My job is to translate the unique celebration that you and your beloveds are creating into visual form.  From personal experience, I know how hard it is to take in everyone and everything while it's happening. There are just so many people you love together all at once! So having beautiful documentation you can return to, to re-experience, is a treasure.  

What are your rates and offerings?

Weddings vary greatly! So, I don’t have set packages. Tell me your vision, how many guests, location, etc., and we’ll work out how much coverage you’ll need to get you the stunning photographs you deserve. Having a very intimate wedding or elopement? Fantastic! You may only need two hours of coverage which I offer for $500. Having a great big throw down with everyone you know and love? Gorgeous! You might want my services for 12 hrs for $3,000. Your needs are as unique as your wedding! Let’s talk. 

Portrait sessions vary as well.  I offer pregnancy, family, and engagement sessions. As well as natural looking head shots for musicians, artists, and small business owners to better represent themselves.

Typically, these are 90 min sessions at an outdoor location, or in your home.

Clients might spend $250-$350 depending on the number of people involved and the location. Again, your needs are unique! I’m pretty flexible. I’m open to mini-sessions if that’s what you need. And I offer pregnancy/newborn packages. Let’s talk! I love a good phone chat. 

These photos are for you and will always come with a copyright release form! This means you can print or post them as you like, without asking my permission. 

Do we meet before our wedding?

Yes, I’d love to meet you! We could go out to get a tasty beverage or meet at my house; I often have chocolate truffles. Weddings are intimate affairs, so let’s get comfortable first. Don’t live in town? Can’t meet up? That’s ok. We’ll make it work with a phone call or video chat.

Why a button logo?

I wear my late grandmother’s mother of pearl button around my neck. It is a daily reminder of life’s fragility & persistence. It is a small piece from a great big past. Simple & beautiful, a keepsake, a reminder. This is what I strive to do with photographs, to leave something worthwhile for our grandchildren to uncover.

Who chooses the portrait location?

If you have a favorite spot, or feel more comfortable in your own house or yard, great! Or, I am happy to offer suggestions. I’ve lived in Asheville for 15 years, so tell me what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the location for you to look and feel your best.

When will we receive our images?

4-5 weeks for weddings, 2 weeks for portraits and family sessions. 


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